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Diagnostics and solutions to build the behaviours and processes which deliver outstanding performance for YOUR organisation.

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Effective behavioural change begins with an accurate diagnosis.
Our behavioural diagnostics and cognitive science-based solutions help you build processes and practices which deliver sustainable high performance.

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The behavioural intelligence specialists

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Make Smarter Decisions

Eliminate cognitive biases and cut through the information overload which hinders effective decision making.

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Increase Motivation

Get the best out of your people, reduce attrition and boost productivity with precise motivation metrics.

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Improve Communication

Build effective and robust communication and knowledge sharing processes.

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Embrace Change

Turn change management and transformation into a competitive advantage.


Build Leadership

Help leaders navigate today's increasingly complex operating ecosystems and environments with confidence.

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Boost Resilience

Ensure people, processes and practices hold up in the face of adversity.

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Detailed insights and bespoke solutions for your organisation

Our behavioural intelligence platform gives you a set of diagnostic tools and solutions to improve performance and revenue.

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    Clear understanding of behavioural patterns
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    Precise mapping of motivation
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    Detailed maps of connectivity and information flow
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    Practical solutions which deliver performance 

Why Choose Us?

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    Precise focus on the behaviours which drive performance in your organisation​
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    More flexible and cost-effective than building an in-house capability​
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    Greater focus on accuracy and validity of data inputs than out-of-the-box solutions​
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“MindAlpha consistently delivers incisive, actionable information about our people, organisation and culture coupled with practical, effective interventions which ensure we remain a High Performing Organisation.”


"Intelligent, surgical and pragmatic insights spanning targeted communications, better modes of engagement, structural changes and training which ensure the leadership team maintains their ‘finger on the organisational pulse’, and can rapidly adapt to changing situations."


"I cannot recommend [AlphaNetworks] highly enough…transformational!"

"I can see why companies will need this […] to outperform their competition."

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