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Assess Motivation

Our proprietary motivation model and measurement platform offers precision insights into the factors driving performance in your team.
  • Understand the drivers of motivation in your teams
  • Recognise the high performing parts of your organisation
  • Locate fault lines which may prevent your business realising its full potential
  • Identify employees at risk
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Map Connectivity

Our organisational network analytics allow you to accurately map communication and collaboration across your organisation.
  • Improve retention and succession planning by identifying key individuals
  • Enhance work practices by connecting the right people and optimising information flow
  • Increase cognitive diversity by understanding where your knowledge and skill centres lie
  • Create positive behavioural norms using key influencers
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Understand Personality

Our psychometric tools help you understand how your people function and interact in different contexts.
  • Increase self-awareness by understanding our natural behavioural preferences.
  • Make diversity count by gaining a better understanding of others
  • Improve communication by building rapport
  • Co-create results with better collaboration

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Power Change

Alpha Solutions create lasting change with behavioural science-based interventions.
  • Create organsiation-wide change with customised workshops.
  • Support your managers with digital learning units
  • Design targeted interventions to tackle organisational challenges
  • Improve decision-making and collaborative processes with facilitated labs
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the MindAlpha service differ from other people analytics offerings?

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MindAlpha is not a culture or engagement survey, nor is it a traditional HR reporting platform. We offer precise, customisable diagnostic data based on measurable behaviours which can be changed to improve performance. We look at an organisation through the specific lenses of motivation, connectivity and behavioural preferences. The data we generate is intended to complement and enhance the work your management and HR teams do in order to put people at the core of your growth strategy.

How customisable are MindAlpha’s services?

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MindAlpha’s services are highly customisable. This is the essence of what we do and what differentiates us from so many of our competitors. You know your business best; we know behavioural science and data analytics. It is this partnership which makes the MindAlpha service so compelling. Before any engagement, we work with you to identify your main challenges to ensure the variables we track and the data insights we generate really add value.

Which products do MindAlpha’s services integrate with?

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We are all about insights, the data we generate is intended to help you do your job better. While we do provide our clients with simple, easy to use dashboards and personalised in-depth reports, we are happy to work with you to integrate our data with any platform you use.

Is MindAlpha an AI-based product?

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While we embrace the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, there is no substitute for human experience. We use sophisticated statistical and predictive modelling techniques for accuracy, supported by AI to process information faster. However, when you interact with MindAlpha you will be interacting with real people, with decades of experience in organisational and behavioural transformation.

How much do MindAlpha’s services cost?

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There are different pricing structures depending on which products you need and how much customisation is involved to make the services fit your needs perfectly. However, most of our services come considerably cheaper than hiring even a junior analyst. Some products start at less than the rate of a single day with a big consultancy. Even the full-stack diagnostic platform with all the tools, reporting and solutions is significantly more cost-effective than building it in-house.

How secure is my data with MindAlpha?

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We understand how important it is to protect your data and have implemented policies and procedures to ensure we are fully compliant with GDPR. We regularly review our business to optimise this level of security. All data is stired within te UK or in countries that the United Kingdom regulatory authorities have approved as providing an adequate level of protection for personal data. If you have any questions on any aspect of our data security, please contact us here:

How long does it take to get insights with MindAlpha?

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We pride ourselves on our ability to provide valuable, informative insights very quickly. We can turn around single item diagnostics in a matter of days and complex motivation assessments in just a couple of weeks, allowing you to act on the findings and implement change fast.

How do I get set up with MindAlpha's analytic services?

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Contact us at and in no time we can get diagnostics up and running and deliver the data insights you need to ask those questions that will help you increase the performance of your business.

We’re changing the way organisations understand their people.

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